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Social and personality psychologist, research-minded. Thinks well-being as a business, not a busy-ness, bridges mental health & business| IG: dr.ozgekantas

So that you can achieve your business outcomes

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Other shepherds were always losing their sheep to the wolves, the goats got lost on the way somehow, or the cows got sick from what they eat on the fields. I was successful because I was not herding the pack, I was herding the environment.

My grandfather was a shepherd…

This might help to change your mind too!

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Let me tell you how my mom started meditation.

She always had some minor pains that were not medically diagnosable. She was not only reluctant but also resistant to my suggestions of meditation, seeing meditation as a pushed trend and promoted irrationally as if it is magic for everything.


Though, learning how to do so can incredibly fuel your “rocket” in life.

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When I said “first aid”, I am sure the first thing that comes to your mind is medical emergencies. As an amazingly effective way of approaching psychological emergencies, however, there is a framework that we psychologists use to help crisis situations.

I think, not only in crisis but also in…

Social support is not luxury, it is essential

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Suicide. It is hard to stomach that a beloved one wants to die. It is even harder to sit with that idea. You are trying to do something impactful, say something effective, and do your best to convince that person not to commit.

I am a community mental health crisis…

Being afraid of entrepreneurship is no destiny! As long as you know a way out.

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Sad story but true. First, let me tell you why this happens. As you grow up, your creativity and playfulness decline. This is as known as when spontaneity is replaced by anxiety in psychology. Instead of replacing it, I am inviting you to replaying it.

As a psychologist, here I…

Are you suspicious about how positive psychology might transform your life? You are not alone.

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When I was an undergrad in psychology, I was both curious about the impact of positive psychology and suspicious about its promises. Being divided into two, I started reading more and more. This was the decision for me to which part of psychology I will be in: ill-being or well-being.

This childhood story can help you as a tool to understand your blind spots and the nature of protests

“All we need is love” by Deniz Yildirim

I was at primary school when I first realized what privilege is. At 7 years old, a son of a parliament member was my classmate and he was in love with me. I know, I know. What kind of a love it can be at that age… I mean, he…

The science of wellbeing suggests the importance of here & now and the importance of goal setting/future planning.

Yet, that does not necessarily mean being hedonistically in present and careless about the future. Or, that does not necessarily mean merely and obsessively planning the future without experiencing the present. …

The reason why we crave for so-called magical formulas of everything

Because we are COGNITIVE MISERS!

That means we don’t want to think so much, we want to get rid of much of the decision making cognitive load, and we are prone to rely on existing wisdom instead of enduring the pain of learning from trial and error.

Is this something…

One of the biggest illusions about well-being is the assumption that it can only come after many other physiological, financial, and physical requirements are met.

Sorry, no sorry, but this is the misunderstanding of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. If you are ready, here is the biiiiig fact check.

There is no Maslow’s hierarchy of well-being.

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What Maslow originally suggested is the deprivation needs can dominate human motivation when they are lacking. Therefore these might prevent…

Ozge Kantas, Ph.D.

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